Safety Tip for Spring

Oh, the smell of that spring air, burning of last year’s grasses and fresh turned soil. Our rural community is alive with activity and we want to send a friendly word of caution to those who are burning ditches and plowing along fence lines. Minburn Communications and other providers have fiber network and cables buried in ditches. These fiber routes are marked by a white pole with an orange top that display the words “warning fiber optics”. In addition to the markers identifying fiber routes, pedestals and handholds that house crucial connections are also located along the road in the county right-away. To tamper with, accidently hook a buried line, damage a pedestal or handhold, could result in damage to our fiber network and a loss of communications services for you and/or your neighbor.

Markers, pedestals and handholds are NOT fireproof. When burning off ditches or working the field along old fence lines we ask that you stay clear of the markers and cables that are property of Minburn Communications. If you accidently damage a pedestal or cable line, you must report it immediately by contacting our office. You will also be liable for the replacement and/or repair of any damage.

If you are not certain of the specific location of our marked fiber route or  equipment, you can contact Iowa One Call prior to burning. We hope you find this information helpful and we wish you a very productive and safe spring.

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