Strong partnerships deliver a world-class solution for Raccoon Valley Bank

Quality of Service, highly efficient, scalable and secure network connections, cost efficiencies and one point of contact are some of the reasons why Raccoon Valley Bank deployed a MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching) [link to white paper] solution with Minburn Communications. The MPLS concept was first presented to the Bank a few years ago as a new but viable way to provide a next generation broadband connection that would offer advanced, value-added services over a robust, fully-redundant network.

Working with their consulting partner, RSM, Raccoon Valley Bank approached Minburn Communications in August 2017 to further discuss streamlining their communications services and interconnecting their five bank offices to their main server. Each location in Perry, Adel, Dallas Center and Minburn were independently connected to and paying for a T1 connection from various providers. This traditional network connection was limiting their data flow and restricting their need to expand their bandwidth capacity.

Since two of the bank locations were not directly connected to Minburn Communications’ fiber network, Minburn Communications engaged Aureon Technology to begin designing and engineering a solution. Minburn Communications is a shareholder of Aureon® and partners with the company to deliver network connectivity and telecommunications solutions. Their experienced team of solution architects, engineers and project managers worked closely with the Minburn Communications technicians to create a MPLS L3 Network solution for the bank.

The network design required new fiber routes to be constructed, new equipment to be installed and collaboration between all partners to execute the plan in a timely manner. “This was a large and exciting project for Racoon Valley Bank, Minburn Communications and Aureon. It was important to our team that the MPLS solution was delivered on-time and that progress updates were given frequently throughout the deployment process. The project included five Meshed Wan sites, MPLS routers at each site, and technical support throughout the installation process.” states Nicole Churchill, Aureon Technology, Service Delivery Coordinator. “Aureon has a statewide network, and when linked with local networks, like Minburn Communications, we are able to deploy state of the art solutions to towns and business clients of any size. The Racoon Valley Bank project is a shining example of great teamwork as well as Minburn Communications commitment to advanced technology and communication solutions for their clients.”

Upon approval of the final network design and solution configuration from Racoon Valley Bank, construction began in late 2017 and within 10 months from project origination, all bank locations were interconnected to the Aureon data center and services were turned up in early June 2018.

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