Be Aware of Email Scams

Since late 2018, the telecommunications industry has seen an uptick of phishing attacks. Customers of companies like Minburn Communications are being targeted by scammers. 

A phishing attack is when a cybercriminal pretends to be someone they are not via an email. Their intentions are to extract sensitive and confidential information about you and/or your business.

Recently, some of our customers received a malicious email disguised as a mesage from Minburn Communications. The email told the reader that their email inbox was ‘full’ and instructed them to click a link to ‘fix’ the problem. Fortunately, a customer recognied the scam and brought it to our attention.

Be aware! We encourage you to become familiar with how to identify a phishing scam:

  1. Is sent from a public email address that may look familiar
  2. Contains strange attachments and/or links
  3. The message demonstrates a sense of urgency
  4. Contains links to unrecognized sites or URLs that misspell a familiary domain name
  5. Has poor spelling and grammer

Understanding these five tactics is cruical to protecting you, your family or your organization from phishing attacks. If you receive a suspicious email the best rule of practice is to NOT open the message or click on a link and report the email to Minburn Communications at 

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