World Class Connections. Hometown Touch

Minburn Communications is a technology leader in rural Iowa, bringing World Class Connections to Minburn, Woodward, Perry, Bouton and Dallas Center. Minburn Communications services connect our customers with Broadband Internet, Voice Services, Video Entertainment, and Fixed Wireless Internet. Connecting our communities with quality telecommunications service is our priority, second only to the Hometown Touch our local employees provide in the office, onsite, and over the phone.

From time to time, stock in our company becomes available for sale by our shareholders. Our company will not become involved in the transaction, but we would be glad to provide information that may connect an interested buying party with an interested selling party. Please contact our office if you are interested in learning about selling shares or buying shares in our company. 

Minburn Communications' Management Team


Debra Lucht
CEO/General Manager


Patricia Cornelius
Accounting/Office Mngr

Kristi Petersen
Marketing & PR Mngr


Board of Directors

Greg Burket - President
Thomas Book - Vice President
Dan Case - Secretary/Treasurer
Stephen Thompson
Ken Cooper