Investor Relations

Investor Relations

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Valuing Transparency with Our Generous Stakeholders

Whether you are a stockholder whose shares have been passed through generations or a new investor, we thank you for your vested interest in Minburn Communications. In 1903, Minburn Mutual Telephone Company was established by local businessmen and farmers. Since that time, Minburn Telephone Company has evolved to what is more commonly known as Minburn Communications. Today, Minburn Communications delivers state-of the art telecommunications services to Iowa customers in Minburn, Woodward, Perry and targeted locations in Dallas County.

Stock ownership represents shares in Minburn Telephone Company and includes the subsidiaries of Minburn Telecommunications, Inc., Minburn Cablevision, Inc., and Dallas County Wireless, Inc. all doing business as Minburn Communications. The organization is governed by a Board of Directors and continues to be a stock company with approximately 160 shareholders and seeks to add more. Check out our recent Year in Review and contact us to learn more on how you can become an owner of a local, progressive, and growing communications provider. 

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Become a shareholder

As a shareholder of Minburn Communications, you can help produce a powerful impact by being engaged with and helping promote ownership opportunities. Delivering a Hometown Touch is what we do, providing exceptional service is how we do it. We hope you enjoy having the new Shareholder Portal readily available for your use.

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Read updates about our growth in broadband & communications

From young to old, our goal is for every Minburn Communications shareholder to establish their account within the new Shareholder Portal and use this tool to find valuable information about company performance, manager reports, promotions and help in facilitating the purchase and selling of stocks.

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Investor Relations Strategic Plan

Along with encouraging existing shareholder engagement, the Investor Relations Strategic Plan also includes a conscious effort to market the opportunity to become an investor. Beginning in 2019, Minburn Communications will actively promote awareness and value of becoming a shareholder, the impact made to the community and how an investment from a local customer helps support the quality of life within the community. The message will be shared via presentations, marketing materials, new customer welcome packets, lunch and learns and more.

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