Investor Relations

Investor Relations

Shareholder Portal

Whether you are a stockholder whose shares have been passed through generations or a new investor, we thank you for your vested interest in Minburn Communications. In 1903, Minburn Mutual Telephone Company was established by local businessmen and farmers. Since that time, Minburn Telephone Company has evolved to what is more commonly known as Minburn Communications. Today, Minburn Communications delivers state-of the art telecommunications services to Iowa customers in Minburn, Woodward, Perry and targeted locations in Dallas County.

Stock ownership represents shares in Minburn Telephone Company and includes the subsidiaries of Minburn Telecommunications, Inc., Minburn Cablevision, Inc., and Dallas County Wireless, Inc. all doing business as Minburn Communications. The organization is governed by a Board of Directors and continues to be a stock company with approximately 165 shareholders that fall into this category leaving apx 70% of shareholders who live outside of a Minburn Communications service area.

Become a shareholder

As a shareholder of Minburn Communications, you can help produce a powerful impact by being engaged with and helping promote ownership opportunities. Delivering a Hometown Touch is what we do, providing exceptional service is how we do it. We hope you enjoy having the new Shareholder Portal readily available for your use.

Find valuable information

From young to old, our goal is for every Minburn Communications shareholder to establish their account within the new Shareholder Portal and use this tool to find valuable information about company performance, manager reports, promotions and help in facilitating the purchase and selling of stocks.

Investor Relations Strategic Plan

Along with encouraging existing shareholder engagement, the Investor Relations Strategic Plan also includes a conscious effort to market the opportunity to become an investor. Beginning in 2019, Minburn Communications will actively promote awareness and value of becoming a shareholder, the impact made to the community and how an investment from a local customer helps support the quality of life within the community. The message will be shared via presentations, marketing materials, new customer welcome packets, lunch and learns and more.

For over 115 years, Minburn Communications has realized a transition of the shareholder profile. More and more owners of the company are non-voting, live outside the exchange, do not subscribe to any of the services offered, and have little to no comprehensive understanding of the company or its accomplishments. Additionally, a few current owners have expressed interest in selling their stock but struggle to find buyers. These scenarios raise concern for the long-term viability and sustainability of the organization. As of year-end 2018, the company is aware of over 3,000 shares for sale.

The Board of Directors and Management team developed a stockholder initiative to address the concerns of the growing level of disengaged owners. The goal: increase the total number of voting shareholders within our exchange and who also subscribe to our services. A committee comprised of directors, the CEO/GM and a marketing manager was formed and conducted a focus group of 13 participants to assist in developing a strategic plan.

Findings from the focus group identified a need to provide more consistent communications to stockholders. Investors desire an easy way to obtain information as well as seek awareness, education and opportunities on buying and selling of shares. Their perception of the company is positive yet lacks understanding.

An Investor Relations Strategic Plan was created to address the objectives:

  • Acquire new shareholders; up to threshold of 499 independent owners
  • Transition stock ownership balance with the majority being voting shares within the exchange
  • Increase awareness of stock and shares available for sale
  • Demonstrate value and success of Minburn Communications to current shareholders
  • Create a means for resources and information to be easily accessible

To address the objectives, a new online tool has been specifically created for current and potential stockholders. This private resource is called the Minburn Communications Shareholder Portal.

This web-based portal provides one common platform for all stockholders to access, learn, obtain information about Minburn Communications as well as create awareness of shares available for exchange. Additionally, the Shareholder Portal was built to provide potential investors an opportunity to learn about our great organization and discover how to become a member of our investment family.

The Shareholder Portal is a secure, password protected site. Access to the information is limited by the user type. If you own Class V (Voting) stock then you have full access to all information. Some restrictions are applied to Class N (Non-Voting) stockholders and a Potential Investor has very limited access.