Emergency Line Voice Service to be discontinued October 31, 2019

As a rural independent telecommunications company, Minburn Telephone Company and Minburn Telecommunications, Inc. both d.b.a. Minburn Communications are classified as a local exchange carrier that is regulated by the Iowa Utilities Board and the Federal Communications Commission. Both governmental entities require our company to follow compliance and reporting practices.

Due to technology advances and consumer usage behavior, some compliance and regulatory requirements have changed. For instance, coming soon will be a new 25M/3M bandwidth speed and testing requirement. Minburn Communications must constantly evaluate the product and services we provide to ensure we not only meet our customers needs but also meet regulatory obligations.

In 2018 we completed a full review of our voice and broadband internet offerings. The analysis also included customer comments and suggestions. A conclusion was made to modify our internet packages by offering more speed for more value. The packages were rolled out at the end of the year along with a new standard by making all broadband connections symmetrical for all residential and business customers. Due to regulatory change, we also eliminated the requirement for customers to subscribe to a voice line and introduced a new data-only broadband package. New bundle offers were also created by combining two or three services together and discounting the total monthly cost of the bundled package. The legacy broadband internet and video packages with emergency line voice service will be discontinued on October 31, 2019. Residential customers will no longer be required to take a wired phone line when subscribing to Minburn Communications Video Entertainment TV or Broadband Internet services. 

Customer Service Representatives are transitioning customers off the Emergency Line Service to a new offering. The goal is work with each customer to determine the communications offering to best meet their needs. Any customer remaining on the Emergency Line Service after October 31 will automatically be moved to our basic voice service. The features and rate change for basic voice service will go into effect in November and be reflected on the December 2019 bill.

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