The Coronavirus Pandemic has turned many of our lives sideways. Since March 12, 2020, our office doors have been closed to the public, staff have been relocated to allow social distancing, and operational procedures modified to ensure the safety of our customers and employees.

Yet, through all these changes, Minburn Communications continues to live up to our promise of delivering World-Class Connections… with our new Hometown (no) Touch policy.

We are still your local, responsive communications company delivering a reliable service. Internal operations, customer support, and technical assistance continue as normal. Our technology allows us to remotely upgrade your broadband speed, add new features and troubleshoot an issue. The only thing we cannot do is visit with you face-to-face.

Starting Monday, May 18 any onsite services provided by Minburn Communications will be done under our new Hometown (no) Touch policy. The new customer contact guidelines require our staff and all customers to work together to minimize the risk of spreading of the virus.  As a general rule going forward, our Technicians will install and repair services from outside the home or business. The Technician will partner with the customer to have them complete any work inside the home or business. The customer will be provided the necessary equipment packaged in a safe plastic bag. Our Technician will be directly outside the location providing instructions by voice or video call. If the installation or repair is not successful, the customer will not be charged the install or trip fees.

We are dedicated to delivering our Hometown Touch experience - only from a distance. In most cases, there will be no need for our team to enter your home or business. However, some situations may require the skills of our Technician so new safety policies have been put in place to protect our customers and employees. Minburn Communications will continue to work with the customer on an acceptable solution within these guidelines.

The Hometown (no) Touch policy also includes the following protocols:

  • Prior to the Technician entering the home or business, the customer will be asked a series of questions plus, they must read, sign, and return to Minburn Communications a signed Minburn Communications COVID-19 Risk Disclosure Notice, Waiver and Release. This process must be completed prior to scheduling the service appointment and the form will be kept on file.
  • Any Minburn Communications employee entering a customer home or business is required to wear Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) including a mask, protective eye wear, booties and gloves. The PPE will be properly disposed or sanitized after each use.
  • Whether the Technician is outside or inside a service location, the customers is required to position themselves away from the Technician in a separate room or area where work is being performed. We are a friendly group, not visiting with you makes us sad but we know it’s for the best.
  • The customer is strongly encouraged to practice strict hygiene measures and asked to wear a mask during a visit with a Minburn Communications employee.
  • At any time during an onsite service visit, the Technician or the customer can terminate the work if either party feel their safety may be compromised.

The staff at Minburn Communications wants our communities to know we empathize with you. We are committed to serving our customers and keeping you connected. We also are committed to stand with the FCC by extending our pledge to Keep Americans Connected and offering a Pandemic Plan to qualifying members. We want to hear from you. While our offices will remain closed to the public, Minburn Communications is still open to serve you.


Minburn Communications prides itself on being responsive to our all our customers; even when it means addressing an issue after hours. We want to ensure we continue to deliver the best experience possible. However, today's "new normal" way of doing business means we must have a Minburn Communications COVID-19 Waiver and Release form on file before any onsite work can be performed. 

Be Proactive. Sign and return the waiver now to prevent any delays with installation or trouble repairs.Simply print and return the form to our office. We will keep it on file.