Keeping the Momentum Going

After the staff settled into the new corporate office, customers joined us for an open house and shareholders helped celebrate with a ribbon cutting prior to the Annual Meeting, the focus quickly moved towards a new facility enhancement project. 

Minburn Communications has outgrown its current equipment and inventory storage facility located at 110 W. 2nd Street in Woodward. The current site consists of an old modular home that served as the original office and Technician hub, a concrete-block Central Office building, a
48’ x 72’ metal warehouse, and exterior unprotected space for overflow storage and parking.

Two years ago, the Minburn Communications Board of Directors and CEO/General Manager conducted a needs assessment to ensure facilities support the growth of business operations. As the company continues to expand, so does the resources required to deliver a World-Class communication service our customers expect. In addition to the need for a larger, more efficient corporate office, it was apparent that the warehouse required the same.  

The existing facilities are too small and inefficient, lack space to properly store and care for sensitive equipment, show deterioration, at risk for security and climate control, and overall, do not accommodate the business needs for the next ten years. Storage space for additional fleet vehicles, construction and installation equipment, fiber reels and other materials is needed. Employee accommodations like restrooms and safety areas also require updating.

Staff worked with various partners to assess the existing facilities and space. A business case was created, a construction partner was selected, and plans were created to repurpose the existing warehouse property in Woodward. While the footprint will remain the same, the area will undergo a big transformation.

Final blueprints and specifications for the warehouse expansion are being developed in partnership with site development partners and Morton Buildings.  Plans are expected to be complete by the end of May at which time, Minburn Communications will let a call for quotes from local sub-contractors.

In the meantime, site cleanup and preparation has already begun. The modular home is scheduled to be removed from the lot; it is being donated for repurposing. Large equipment and storage items will be relocated to a temporary location, the existing warehouse is being cleaned out and utilities will be disconnected so construction can begin in early July. With good weather and no construction delays, the new warehouse is scheduled to be fully functional by October.

Once complete, the warehouse footprint will expand to over 5,100 square feet. The updated space will provide efficient access to six fleet vehicles, an open floor plan, a climate-controlled environment, a wash bay with floor drains, loading dock, exterior fenced-in storage plus lean-to and space for overflow parking and future expansion.

“Our goal is to modify the property to accommodate storage needs, improve efficiency in fleet and equipment management, provide protected storage for inventory and investments, and mitigate wear and tear on equipment and materials,” states CEO/General Manager, Debra Lucht. “Keeping costs as low as possible, while maintaining our commitment to support our local community, is our fiduciary responsibility to our shareholders and our customers. We desire to use local contractors if and when possible. We also desire to keep our facilities within the communities we serve. Just like our new office, we look forward to enhancing the curb appeal of our warehouse location.”

If you are a local contractor interested in learning more about our construction needs, please contact our Plant Manager by emailing us at or calling 515-438-2200.

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