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Minburn Communications recently upgraded the application to the NEW MyTVs app to control your video channel guide and DVR. If you have been using the ManageMyTVs app you will want to delete this old version from your device and download the new MyTVs app today. THe legacy ManageMyTVs app will become obsolete and soon, will stop working.

This new MyTVs app for iOS and Android devices allow you to control your DVR and Channel Guide from anywhere!

MyTVs App

With the MyTVs app, you can turn your tablet or smartphone into a remote control

MyTVs app on your mobile device connects to your video set top boxes so you can view your Channel Guide and manage your DVR recordings even when you are not at home. You will be able to schedule new recordings, view current programs or see what currently being watched on any of your connected set top boxes. Additionally, you can view and search the TV program guide for your favorite shows or programs.


  • View and Search TV program guide
  • Guide controls such as Universal Search, What's Hot, Whole Home DVR, parnetal control and more
  • Filter channels on TV program guide by subscribed and favorites
  • View list of recordings from all DVR enabled set top boxes
  • Manage all DVR recordings including scheduling a one-time or series, deleting existing, viewing currently recording, and organizing in folders
  • Perform remote control functions including changing channels
  • Control the set top box with Voice Command functionality

Download the app from the Google Play Store for your Android devices.


Search for “MyTVs” in the Apple App store for IOS devices.

 Want to control functions with your voice? Check out these Voice Activation options.

 Download the complete MyTVs Application User Guide

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