Rally for Fiber

Rally to the South. Rally to the North. Minburn Communications is coming forth.  

Thanks to the Empower Rural Iowa Broadband Grant Program, Minburn Communications is growing our fiber network throughout rural Dallas County. In 2021, the company submitted several NOFA 6 and NOFA 7 applications and was awarded a total of four grants for the purpose of expanding access to a future-ready broadband network to rural locations. The awarded areas are identified as underserved and unserved census blocks which are grouped into zones. Since receiving the official award notifications, Minburn Communications has been working on network design/build plans. Official groundbreaking started in 2022 with the construction of a new Central Office in Dallas Center. Spring of 2023 will kick off the multi-year expansion project with network mainline being built from the new Central Office to the southwest side of Dallas Center.

Watch this video to see the mainline build route:


Rural Dallas Center South is the first build zone which is identified as NOFA 6 Phase1 in the map below. Minburn Communications has identified all eligible addresses in this area and is attempting to contact each property owner to Not Dally, Join the Rally! Anyone wishing to have us build a fiber connection to their location must join the Rally for Fiber and complete the necessary paperwork before June 30, 2023. We need a signed Drop Permit from the landowner granting permission for Technicians and construction crews to bring a network drop to the service area. Deadline to submit a Drop Permit is June 30, 2023. With a signed Drop Permit, we will schedule time to survey your property, identify the construction path, install necessary equipment and later, return to connect you to the services such as a reliable, symmetrical broadband connection with no usage limits, a new evolution of Video Entertainment TV, and a reliable landline phone.


  • Sign up before June 30 to save over $500
  • Waived Drop Fee
  • Discounted Construction Rates
  • Free Service Installation

NOFA 6 Phase 1 network construction will be done by July 1, 2023. Staff and crews will quickly divert attention to finalizing the design/build plans for NOFA 7 zones.


Minburn Communications plans to continue our Rally for Fiber beyond NOFA 6 and 7. Recently, a geographic area that encompasses the City of Dallas Center was selected and established as a Broadband Intervention Zone by the OCIO. This designation ranks rural communities that should be prioritized in future funding decisions. If awarded funding, we will continue to partner with the City of Dallas Center to further expand our network and services.


Construction for NOFA 7 zones will take place in 2024 and 2025. Phase 2: Rural Adel South construction will begin once the ground thaws. Crews will then move to the Rural Adel North zone to complete Phase 3 by the end of 2024. Phase 4 will be constructed in 2025 starting with Rural Dallas Center North then moving to the rural Perry zones.

Once all NOFA zones are built, more than 1,000 new service locations will have access to our future-ready fiber network. Click here to see if your address is one of those lucky 1,000. Simply type in your address and complete the Interest form to identify your location. If you’ve already completed this step, then follow our progress here.


Your voice is needed! Residents and businesses without a reliable broadband connection are encouraged to join the Rally for Fiber campaign by clicking here. Your interest submission helps us verify your address and the level of interest in your area. The more interests we collect for a particular neighborhood, the more likely we will consider turning your area into a fiberhood. Check out the progress of your area here.

For questions, please visit our FAQ page.

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  1. Please drop fiber in Perry.

    We’re paying Mediacom for 1G net, I’ve never seen more than 80% of that, for over two years.
    Upload is even worse, we get the speed that we pay for in a 5 second burst, then it drops to a 3rd of that.

    Some competition would be most welcome.
    We’ll be first in line.

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