Remote Control Support & Troubleshooting

Remote Control Features

Your Minburn Communications Remote Control is already pre-programmed to control your Set Top Box. Here are a few useful tools to help you learn all it’s features to easily control your Channel Guide.

To turn on the TV and Set Top Box using the remote:

  • Press the TV button at the top of the remote, then select the POWER button
  • Press the STB button at the top of the remote, then select the POWER button

If the Set Top Box is powered off, but the TV is on, a message displays on the TV alerting you the set top box power is off. Select the STB button at the top of the remote and then select the POWER button. 


Setting up your new Remote Control to your TV
Controlling the Big Button Remote Guide
Complete Guide to using your Remote and DVR


If your remote stops working, first check your batteries. They may need to be replaced with fresh batteries.

If the remote still does not work or is damaged, contact our office for a replacement. If the issue is a manufacturer default, Minburn Communications will replace the remote at no change. If the remote is damaged, a fee will be charged for replacement.

Minburn Communications offers a Wire Maintenance Plan billed monthly to your account. The Plan covers trouble isolation and repair of:

  • Telephone wire and jacks
  • Broadband outlets
  • Network interface unit
  • Set Top Box, wiring and connections

Wire Maintenance includes determining if the customer owned equipment is causing the problem. It does not cover repairing a telephone, television, remote control, computer, entertainment systems, installation of wiring in new locations, or buried cable between building that was not installed by Minburn Communications. Contact us for details.