Residential Broadband Internet

A dedicated fiber connection from Minburn Communications to your home gives you faster connection speed, more carrying capacity and greater dependability than twisted pair, DSL or coaxial cable

Fiber optic connections also allow for bundled communication services. Voice, video, data, smart home devices, security and more - making it more cost effective and easier to manage your services all from one provider on one  monthly bill.

With our enhanced servics, Minburn Communications continues to offer superior connections to meet your needs.

  • Symmetrical Internet Speeds - a new standard for all our fiber broadband plans
  • Faster speeds with a lower cost per Mbps value
  • Consistent plans across all fiberhoods
  • Gig-capable connections
  • Unlimited data usage
  • Local, responsive 24/7 Technical Support

Live in Minburn or Woodward, click here for Broadband Internet Plans for you.

For residents in Perry and surrournding communities, view Broadband Internet Plan options here.


Impacted by the Coronavirus Pandemic?
Need more bandwidth to support your remote work/school needs?
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