Broadband Internet For Business

Broadband Internet

Fast Fiber Internet For Your Business

Minburn Communications internet delivers a World-Class broadband service you can rely on. Our dedicated and fully redundant fiber connection to your business gives you a faster connection speed, more carrying capacity and greater dependability than twisted pair, DSL or coaxial cable. No matter your size, our fiber optic connections will accommodate your business’ demands and take the worry out of staying connected to your customers.

Business Services
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Business Services
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As a Certified Gig-Capable telecommunications provider, Minburn Communications broadband delivers more than just reliable internet connection. Your business also has access to Voice Services with Advanced Voice Mail and Calling Features, Video services including Music Choice, Fox Sports and Big 10 Network options, Business Phone solutions and integrated networking to connect multiple offices.

Symmetrical Speeds & Unlimited Data

With ever changing bandwidth demands and requirements, Minburn Communications is staying ahead of the curve by offering enhanced broadband packages to meet your business needs. All plans are now offered with symmetrical speeds with unlimited data usage, five free email accounts and 24/7 technical support – making it more cost effective and easier to manage your services all from one provider on one monthly bill.

Minburn Communications’ fiber optic network is the backbone to delivering a World-Class superior internet experience with a Hometown Touch!

Which Speed is Best for Me?

The amount of bandwidth needed for your business varies depending on the total number of users and devices connecting to the network at one time. In today’s world, most businesses run on bandwidth. And no business wants to risk having a dropped connection or a slow internet that reduces productivity.

Formula for your ideal internet speed

# of employees x # of devices simultaneously connected to the network x type of task or platform used = Mbps of bandwidth required at one time. Then double this number to ensure peak demand is met.

How Many Devices Do You Have Connected?




For businesses with basic email operations and basic web browsing.




For businesses with email, web browsing, file downloads, streaming, cloud-based resources and IP voice

up to




For businesses with email, web browsing, e-commerce, large file up and downloads, web conferencing, cloud-based applications, intense internet application use.

Benefits of Fiber Broadband Internet

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Symmetrical Speeds

Exclusively with Minburn Communications! We’re the only local service provider that offers symmetrical bandwidth at no additional charge. Our symmetrical service means your upload speed is now the exact same as your download speed, preventing delays and improving your overall internet experience.

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Low Cost per Mbps

Minburn Communications consistently gives our customers the best value on our services. With faster speeds and a lower cost per mbps, we continue to surpass our competition.

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Unlimited Usage

Never worry about running out of data or seeing your connection slow down. Our fiber connection does not cap the amount of bandwidth you use or lower your speeds.

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Reliable, Dependable Connection

With Minburn Communications, your business is connected to a
dedicated fiber optic network that is fully redundant. This means
you never have to share access lines or fear losing your service!

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24/7 Technical Support Usage

Free, 24/7 technical support is included with every Minburn Communications’ service. With our superior, local customer support, you’ll never have to worry about delayed resolution or long wait times.

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