Broadband Internet For Home

Broadband Internet For Your Home

Stay Connected at Home with Fiber

Minburn Communications Internet delivers a World-Class broadband service you can rely on.

Our dedicated fiber connection to your home gives you a faster connection speed, more carrying capacity and greater dependability than twisted pair, DSL or coaxial cable. Fiber optic connections also allow for bundled communication services. Voice, video, data, smart home devices, security and more — making it more cost effective and easier to manage your services all from one provider on one monthly bill.

Enhance your internet experience with our new Managed Wi-Fi Services.

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Symmetrical Speeds

Exclusively with Minburn Communications! We’re the only local service provider that offers symmetrical bandwidth at no additional charge. Our symmetrical service means your upload speed is now the exact same as your download speed, preventing delays and improving your overall internet experience.

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Low Cost per Mbps

Minburn Communications consistently gives our customers the best value on our services. With faster speeds and a lower cost per mbps, we continue to surpass our competition.

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Unlimited Usage

Never worry about running out of data or seeing your connection slow down. Our fiber connection does not cap the amount of bandwidth you use or lower your speeds.

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24/7 Technical Support Usage

Free, 24/7 technical support is included with every Minburn Communications’ service. With our superior, local customer support, you’ll never have to worry about delayed resolution or long wait times.

Do You Want Fiber?

View our up-to-date Fiber Map or request installation in your neighborhood.

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Minburn Communications offers TechHome from SecurityCoverage to protect your internet connection

Bundle Your Internet and SAVE!

Minburn Communications offers three unique bundled offerings. Pick the package for you and enjoy a full communications experience that best meets your needs.

Total Home Package

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Bundle a 50 Mbps or 100 Mbps broadband connection with our Video Entertainment TV.
Get over 200 channels, Restart TV, MyTVs App, watchTVeverywhere, Pay-Per-View, and whole home wire maintenance.

Total Voice Package

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Voice and broadband services are bundled to create this offer. Get local calling service with unlimited long distance, five calling features and advanced voice mail when packaged with
either a 50 Mbps or 100 Mbps internet connection.

Total Entertainment Package

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Our best value! Bundle a 50 Mbps or 100 Mbps broadband connection with our Video Entertainment TV and Voice services. This triple play package features local calling, five calling features, unlimited long distance advanced voice mail including access via your TV and caller ID display, HD channels Restart TV, voice command watch TV everywhere, Pay-Per-View, MyTVs App, whole home wire maintenance and no set-up fee.

Which Speed is Best for Me?

Today’s families and homes rely on devices that require a fast, reliable broadband connection.
Between streaming video and constant mobile connectivity, it’s hard to know just how much bandwidth your household needs.

Rule of thumb for your best internet speed

For each connected device, allow for at least a 5 Mbps connection.

How Many Devices Do You Have Connected?




For households with 2-6 connected devices, light streaming, surfing and downloading.




For households with multiple devices, moderate streaming, surfing and simultaneous connections.




For households with multiple users who
stream, game, surf and connect many devices throughout the home.

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