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2024 Residential Channel Lineup

Minburn Communications Video Entertainment TV offers an industry-leading, feature-rich video experience you don’t want to live without. We make viewing easy and fun. Best of all, there are no extra fees to control where or how you watch with the free watchTVEverywhere and the MyTVs apps.

Enjoy the difference of fiber TV

Experience television service that is never interrupted by weather or poor signal connections, is crystal clear and offers a robust channel lineup with industry-leading features you don’t want to live without.

Minburn Communications Video Entertainment TV is delivered over our fiber optic network.

  • More secure than coax; it’s difficult to tap fiber optic cables vs. traditional copper
  • Fiber is run directly to your home making it more reliable than coax or satellite
  • Speeds are much faster
  • Picture is delivered crisp and clear
  • Higher bandwidth means a reliable, high quality signal
  • Features that make viewing fun and easy to navigate
  • More programs and functionality than what other providers offer

Fiber TV Package Features

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200+ Channels, Premium Programming and Music Choice

Pick a package that best suits your viewing experience. Options include a Basic or a Choice package that includes over 100 HD channels and 50 digital music channels plus options to add premium programming from HBO®, Cinemax®, Showtime® and Starz/Encore®.

Residential Video Entertainment TV Brochure

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Universal Search

Click on a program in the Guide and hit the Search (yellow) button to see a listing of the same show from Recordings, On-Demand and TV Airings. You can go back in time in the Guide to search for a program you just missed. The Title Search feature allows users to search for programming based on key words in titles as well as save your favorite searches for future use.

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Now Playing

Never worry about running out of data or seeing your connection slow down. Our fiber connection does not cap the amount of bandwidth you use or lower your speeds.

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Pause Live TV

A feature that provides DVR functionality on every set top box in your home.

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Easy Remote Control Setup

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Bing Mode Playback

Play the next episode of a series without having to go back 
to the recording list in your DVR.

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ReStart TV

Never miss the beginning of your show with ReStart! This feature gives you the ability to restart a show already airing by the press of one button. Learn more

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What’s Hot

The What’s Hot app give you real time information about what others in your area are watching. Use Restart TV to view or record the most watched TV programs, Recorded Programs and Service Recordings.

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DVR Folder Management

With Whole Home DVR, the whole family can have their own folders for recorded programs.

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Voice Services on TV

Customers who subscribe to Minburn Communications’ Caller ID and/or Voicemail services will benefit with the integration of Caller ID Screen Pop, Voice Message Waiting Indicator, Recent Callers List and Voicemail Playback features on your TV. 

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Whole-Home DVR

The standard set top box in your home can take advantage of record and play functionality from your home’s DVR set top box.

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Easy-to-Navigate Channel Lineup

The channel lineup is organized by a family of stations that grouped together. This makes finding your favorites them easy.

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Parental Controls

Control your child’s viewing times and what they are allowed to watch with Parental Controls. You also can restrict display of program titles in the Guide.

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Customize Your Program Guide

Control the number of rows, columns and text size of your program guide. You can also set you default guide to a full screen or a corner screen. This differentiating feature allows for guide sizing which accommodates different size TV screens. 

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Advanced Closed Captioning

Value is added to your voice service with the integration of Caller ID Screen Pop, Voice Message Waiting Indicator, Recent Callers List and voicemail playback all from your TV.

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System Messaging

On occasion, Minburn Communications may run a message across your screen. These may appear as a scroll or popup notification to let you know about outages, upcoming maintenance, channel lineup changes, new features or promotions.  

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Voice Commands

Keep up with the trends of using voice activation to control your TV viewing. Change a channel, search for programming, record a show and control more functions with your voice via the MyTVs app or with an Amazon Echo or Google Home device.

Learn more

Voice Command User Guide


Subscribe to Minburn Communications Video Entertainment TV plan and gain free access to watchTVeverywhere! This service allows you to stream your favorite channels anywhere with an internet connection on desktop or laptop computer, smartphone, or tablet. Simply subscribe to a qualifying plan, follow the instructions at, and enjoy!

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MyTVs App

Control your TV experience with your tablet or smartphone. The MyTVs app for Android or iOS devices allow  you to manage your DVR and Channel Guide from anywhere, anytime. 

MyTVs User Guide

Download the app for your device

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