Wire Maintenance

Wire Maintenance & Management

Home Connection Protection

Wire Maintenance offers peace of mind – like an insurance policy for your in-home network. Whether you subscribe to Voice, Internet, Video or all three, your monthly Wire Maintenance subscription provides free trouble isolation and repair of:

  • Telephone wire and jacks
  • Broadband internet outlets
  • Network interface unit
  • Video set top box, wiring and connection

Wire Maintenance plan includes determining if customer owned equipment is causing the problem. It does not cover repairing a telephone, television, computer, entertainment systems, installation of wiring in new locations, or buried cable between buildings that was not installed by Minburn Communications.

Expand your Wi-Fi access and protect your connected devices with our Managed Wi-Fi Service. 

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Wire Maintenance Agreements

Wire Maintenance becomes effective on the date the signed agreement is received by Minburn Communications. The service agreement is required for a minimum of six months. At the end of the six months, the agreement will continue until the customer requests the agreement be terminated.

Telephone Wire Maintenance offers coverage per telephone line per premise. Additional phone lines into a residence or off premise extension must be covered by a maintenance plan.

Wireless Maintenance Rates:

One Service

Two Services

Three Services

$ 2 .99 per month

$ 4.99 per month

$ 6.99 per month

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