Join Our Family; Help Us Grow

A Visual Timeline of our HistoryMinburn Mutual Telephone Company has a been a shareholder company since our inception in 1903. Local businessmen and farmers came together to invest in and install cable lines along poles and fence lines to create the new telephone company. In 1928, there were 78 shareholders on record. Today, stock ownership represents shares in Minburn Telephone Company and has grown to include Minburn Telecommunications, Inc., Minburn Cablevision, Inc., and Dallas County Wireless, Inc. all doing business as Minburn Communications.

Our company is governed by a Board of Directors and continues to be a stock company with approximately 155 shareholders representing 31,000 stocks. Shareholders are classifed into two categories: Class V (Voting) and Class N (Non-Voting). A Voting shareholde must livewithin the service exchange and subscribe to one or more services. Roughly 30% of shareholders fall into the Class V category leaving approximately 70% who live outside of a Minburn Communications service exchange.

On Whether you are a current shareholder whose stock has been passed through the generations or a new investor, we thank you for your vested interste in our company. It's people like you who have vested interests in helping our company succeed. We apprecite the support of all shareholders but as times change, so does the need to find more investors.That's why we will be promoting the opportunity for customers to invest in Minburn Communications. 

The Board of Directors and Management have developed a Investor Relations strategic plan to address the following objectives:

  • Acquire new shareholders
  • Transition stock ownership balance with majority being Class V
  • Increase awareness of investment opportunities

An online tool has been created to help meet the objectives. This private resource is called the Minburn Communications Shareholder Portal.

Each shareholder has access to the portal. Once logged in, users can find information regarding stock performance, dividend history, annual reports, general articles about the company and more. The portal also provides a Marketplace to post stock for purchase or for sale.

If you or someone you know is passionate about investing local, supporting our rural communities and helping to secure state-of-the-art telecommunications services for years to come, let us know. We will be happy to set you up on the Shareholder Portal so you can learn more. 


 2018 Year in Review Annual Report