Video Entertainment TV for Your Home

Are you connected to Minburn Communications' fiber optic network? Then you can enjoy a superior video entertainment television service that is reliable


Video Packages for Your Home

Basic                                           $ 43.99/month
Includes Basic channels plus one standard set-top-box and access to Pay-per-View 

Choice                                        $ 96.99/month
Includes Basic, Choice and Digital Music Channels plus one standard set-top-box and access to Pay-per-View

Upgrade your Choice channels to High Definition quality:
          HD Basic                           $ 9.99/month
          HD Choice                         $ 3.99/month

Add Premium Channels to any Package

  Showtime® Pack          $ 13.99/month
  Starz/Encore®              $ 13.99/month
  HBO®                           $ 17.99/month
  Cinemax®                     $ 14.99/month
  HBO/Cinemax Combo  $ 23.99/month

Connect multiple TVs and Rooms with additional Equipment
Additional Set-top-Box                      $  8.99 
Additional Set-top-Box w/ contract    $  3.99
DVR Box                                           $ 11.99
DVR Box w/ contract                         $  6.99
Ethernet over Power Box                  $ 58.00
Surge Protector                                 $ 29.99

To view our new channel lineup, click here to download the updated 2019 Residential Channel and Price Guide

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